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A gentle healing energy that harmonises and balances the mind, body and spirit.


A gentle nurturing treatment offering relaxation and a general feeling of wellbeing.


The use of essential oils in the treatment of a person, the therapeutic value of  the oils increasing the healing on all levels of the body.

Health Benefits


Promotes deep relaxation
Enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself
Releases stress
Helps the body to gently detoxify
Aids sleep


Stress relief
Eases sore, stiff muscles
Removes toxins


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Full Body Massage €60.00

Swedish massage to sooth the body, mind and spirit.

Indian Head massage €30.00

Enjoy the benefits of this Ayurvedic healing practice restoring wellbeing, balance and harmony.

Re-energiser Package €50.00

Half an hour Reiki, half an hour reflex foot massage.

Reiki €40.00

Balance your energy bodies, feeling calmness and peace, renew yourself!

Back, neck & Shoulder Massage €35.00

Relax and release tense, sore muscles.

Hand & Foot reflex massage €40.00

A relaxing and overall healthful treatment.

Mother Earth Luxury Facial €60.00

Using 'Mother Earth' organic products to nurture and relax every skin type.

Aromatherapy treatments

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